Rapids – Anna Bowles: Blog Tour

I received an ARC of Rapids – Anna Bowles from ZunTold Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This review is part of the official blog tour. All opinions are my own. Rapids Details Author: Anna Bowles Publication date: 10th May 2021 Publisher: ZunTold Publishing Age: 14+ Genre: YA Contemporary || Rapids TRIGGER WARNINGS || […]

eurovisionathon tbr

My Eurovisionathon TBR

This month, I am taking part in Eurovisionathon. This is a readathon based on the Eurovision Song Contest and was created by Helen @helwid87. It is running from 18th April to 16th May 2020. You choose books based on the 26 countries that were in the Eurovision last year. Each time you finish a book, […]

Believathon tbr 2019

Believathon TBR 2019

I’m really excited for this new readathon created by @TheGavGav7. The Believe in the Impossible Readathon, also known as Believathon is a month-long event dedicated to rediscovering the magic of children’s books. I adore children’s books so it will be exciting to have other adults to talk about them with. Believathon Need to Knows You […]

Series Scaredown tbr

Series Scaredown TBR: Team Witch

I’m so excited for Series Scaredown! For those of you who don’t know, it is the spooky edition of the readathon Series Crackdown hosted by The Book Moo who explains the full details here. It is from Friday 25th October to Sunday 3rd November and this year I am Captain of Team Witch! You can […]

Great Barrier Reef conservation

Great Barrier Reef Conservation and Passions of Paradise Boat

When visiting Cairns in November 2018, I was blown away with the efforts of so many companies advertising how they are protecting the Barrier Reef conservation efforts. We went on a snorkel trip with Passions of Paradise who are eco-certified. Passions of Paradise Passions of Paradise are a Great Barrier Reef tour that specialises in […]

A letter to 13 year old me

A Letter to 13 Year Old Me

To 13 Year Old Rebecca, I’ve started this letter a hundred times and struggled to find what to say. I am torn between whether I want to prepare you for the dark times that you will face in a few years or try and boost your confidence which I know you so desperately need. Friends […]

The self care gift guide

The Year Round Self Care Gift Guide

A self care gift item is the gift that keeps on giving. It is important to take care of yourself all year round, not just at Christmas time. Everyone practices self care differently and it is important to remember that. || Related: 10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care || Lavender Products Lavender is known to […]

Eco friendly gift guide

The Eco Friendly Gift Guide to Start 2019 Well

The more I travel, the more I realise how important it is to be eco friendly and live more sustainably. This eco friendly gift guide is for those who want to be more conscious of waste and not contributing to waste. Christmas can be full of waste, whether it is buying products that will only […]

New year new goals start now

Why I’m Not Waiting Until 2019 to Start My New Goals

It is that time of year where people start talking about New Year’s Resolutions, goals and reflections of the year past. This year though I had a revelation of “what am I waiting for?” Why am I waiting until the new year to make a change when I know what I want to do now? […]