Top 5 Depression fiction

Top 5 Depression Fiction Books

This month it is Mental Health Awareness Month in Australia. I wanted to publish a post relating to mental health every day of the month so that I can personally raise awareness. You can find all posts, posted & upcoming on my schedule. In this post, I wanted to share the 5 fiction books that […]

Angels Can’t Swim – Alexandra McCann Book Review

Synopsis Angels Can’t Swim is an original, honest coming-of-age novella that examines what goes on behind the scenes for three college swimmers. Jenna, Maggie, and Eden are each incredibly different in their personalities and struggles, yet under pressure they must come together in this compelling story of friendship and what it means to be a good […]

Anything But Books Tag

I was tagged by Sarah’s Cup of Tea to do this so let’s go! Name a cartoon that you love A cartoon TV programme that I love is The Simpsons! However I love so many cartoon films, my top 3 are probably Inside Out, Tangled and Brother Bear. What is your favourite song right now? […]