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I received an ARC of Rapids – Anna Bowles from ZunTold Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This review is part of the official blog tour. All opinions are my own.

Rapids - Anna Bowles cover

Rapids Details

Author: Anna Bowles

Publication date: 10th May 2021

Publisher: ZunTold Publishing

Age: 14+

Genre: YA Contemporary


Please be aware that Rapids contains aspects  of depression, hypomania & suicidal ideation. It also has references to transphobia (purposeful misgendering), online bullying and toxic fandom behaviour.

Author Bio

Anna grew up in one of the parts of Cheltenham unlikely to feature on postcards. After an unorthodox adolescence that involved more scholarships and boarding-school encounters with princesses than are normally found outside the pages of novels, she took up following the Manic Street Preachers around the country for a hobby (in the Richey days, when they were good, mind) before heading to Oxford to study English, followed by Russian Studies at UCL.

She worked variously as a secretary, a magazine assistant, a live TV subtitler, a newspaper sub-editor, and a government media monitor before settling down to edit children’s and YA books at publishers such as Hachette and Egmont. In 2021 she published her first novel, Rapids, which is about a girl with bipolar disorder who has no intention of letting that – or anything else – slow her down. According to clients, Editor Anna is ‘antivirus software for your manuscript’.

Rapids Summary

Yan Harris is VERY EXCITED.

Well, of course she is. It’s summer, she’s got over her depression and she’s in London for a week with her BFF Chelsea. After seventeen years in a sleepy village where everybody just knows them as The Chinese One and The Brainy One… life is calling.

It’s a pretty cool prospect… if Chel can stop worrying about online discourse in the Nordhelm TV fandom long enough to enjoy it. Chelsea’s worried about Yan, too, to Yan’s annoyance.

Barely sleeping, barely eating, getting increasingly gobby, having an – ahem – close encounter in a toilet, giving a Tory MP a good kick in the shins, and running around kind of literally screaming…. well, it’s all just good summer fun, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Rapids blog tour for Anna Bowles and ZunTold publishing

Rapids Review

This was such a refreshing read! I read a lot of fiction that has characters coming to the realisation that they have a mental illness but I’ve never read a good one with bipolar as the focus, particularly for young adults. Yan is 17 and the story starts as she’s come out of a depressive episode. She and best friend Chel go to London to visit some Universities that they would like to apply to and all is going great until Yan starts doing things she wouldn’t usually do. A bit of shoplifting & a casual hook up in the toilet of a nightclub are normal right? Until she pretends to have taken cocaine to explain her behaviour, Chel tries to figure out what’s happening to her best friend.

Can finding a long lost father be the answer Yan has been looking for?

A fast-paced, realistic portrayal of Bipolar II, Rapids is a great read for anyone who enjoyed This Song Will Save Your Life and It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

I rated Rapids 5 stars.

Rapids is out now! Add it to your goodreads shelf here.

You can follow the author on Twitter @anna_bowles & Instagram @annabowleswriter and the publisher on Twitter @zuntold and Instagram @zuntold_books

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