My Eurovisionathon TBR

This month, I am taking part in Eurovisionathon. This is a readathon based on the Eurovision Song Contest and was created by Helen @helwid87. It is running from 18th April to 16th May 2020. You choose books based on the 26 countries that were in the Eurovision last year. Each time you finish a book, you log it on the scorecard on twitter.

My Eurovision TBR

I am aiming to do all 26 but I’m getting a little stuck on a couple of books so any suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll check it out!

  1. The Netherlands – We Escaped: A Family’s Flight From Holland During WWII – Alexander H. ter Weele
  2. Italy – Horrible Histories: The Ruthless Romans – Terry Deary
  3. Russia – Michal’s Destiny – Roberta Kagan
  4. Switzerland – Frankenstein – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  5. Norway – The Viking – Marti Talbott
  6. Sweden – The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out of the Window and Disappeared – Jonas Jonasson
  7. Azerbaijan – TBC (suggestions welcome)
  8. North Macedonia – TBC (suggestions welcome)
  9. Australia – Fortune’s Son – Jennifer Scoullar
  10. Iceland – Snare – Lilja Siguroardottir
  11. Czech Republic – A Year and a Day – Isabelle Broom
  12. Denmark – The Viking’s Chosen – Quinn Loftis
  13. Slovenia – TBC (suggestions welcome)
  14. France – A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens
  15. Cyprus – Dead of August – Panayotis Cacoyannis
  16. Malta – Insight Guide: Explore Malta (Lonely Planet)
  17. Serbia – Maid of Baikal – Preston Fleming
  18. Albania – Hold Still – Tim Adler
  19. Estonia – The Man Who Spoke Snakish – Andrus Kivirahk
  20. San Marino – TBC (suggestions welcome)
  21. Greece – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan
  22. Spain – Night Boat to Tangier – Kevin Barry
  23. Israel – A Horse Walks into a Bar – David Grossman
  24. Germany – A Family Shattered: Michal’s Destiny Book 2 – Roberta Kagan
  25. Belarus – No Woman’s Land – Elle Midwood
  26. United Kingdom – The Boy in the Back of the Class – Onjali Q. Rauf

So there it is! My Eurovisionathon TBR! Will you be joining in?

Any book suggestions for the ones I’m missing please comment or give me a message 🙂


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