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I’m so excited for Series Scaredown! For those of you who don’t know, it is the spooky edition of the readathon Series Crackdown hosted by The Book Moo who explains the full details here. It is from Friday 25th October to Sunday 3rd November and this year I am Captain of Team Witch! You can choose which team you would like to read as a part of by getting involved on twitter.

Series Scaredown tbr

Series Scaredown Teams

My Series Scaredown TBR

As this readathon is 10 days long, I wanted to have 10 books lined up ready to read. As I am on Team Witch, one of them needs to be from The Alchemyst series by Michael Scott as that is our team read. I don’t usually read spooky books either so I’m trying to expand and include a couple on my TBR to prompt to read some books that have been in my TBR box for forever and a day!

Hopefully I’ll manage to read all of these books:

  • Billy the Kid and the Vampyres of Vegas – Michael Scott (from the Alchemyst series)
  • Mission from Venus: Book 1 – Susan Plunkett
  • Temple of Dreams – Carolyn Mathews
  • Skeleton Keys – Guy Bass
  • The Truth Pixie Goes to School – Matt Haig (The Truth Pixie series)
  • Words on Bathroom Walls – Julia Walton
  • Forever Autumn – Mark Morris (Doctor Who series)
  • Another Me – Cathy MacPhail
  • Vile Victorians – Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
  • Valkyrie: The Runaway – Kate O’Hearn (The Valkyrie series)

So there’s my hopeful TBR. I’ll keep this post updated as I finish each book!

Series Scaredown Reads

Words on Bathroom Walls – Julia Walton

This follows Adam, a teenage boy with Schizophrenia try to manage his world, coming of age and hiding his illness from his school friends, girlfriend and everyone outside of his immediate family. As he in weaned off his medication, he finds it harder to conceal and struggles to differentiate between what is real and what is a hallucination. Find it here.

Mission from Venus – Susan Plunkett

I really enjoyed this as a lover of all things mystical & with an interest in spirituality, specifically the kind that is represented in this book. I feel like it can be enjoyed as a spiritualist & also as a cynic who can read it as a form of sci-fi or fantasy. I felt like parts could be repetitive and in some ways it was basic but overall, very enjoyable & I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Find it here.

Another Me – Cathy MacPhail

First, I have to say that ghost stories or creepy books are really not my thing because I have an overactive imagination but I really enjoyed this. The ending definitely left me shuddering. A few years ago I had watched the film starring Sophie Turner (GoT series Sansa Stark) and I had been meaning to read the book ever since. It’s definitely psychologically ghosty! Find it here.

Temple of Dreams – Carolyn Mathews

The start of the book implies it is set in Ancient Greece but it’s mostly set in the real, modern world and the main character has dreams (possible past life memories) that are in Ancient Greece. I wanted to like this but there’s just something about it that I wasn’t feeling. I feel like the idea was good but it perhaps wasn’t executed very well. Chapters switched from Seb’s & Apollos’ voice and there wasn’t a distinction for each character so often you didn’t know who’s perspective the chapter was from until you read on and gained context.

It took me longer to read this book than expected as in parts it felt like ‘what’s the point’. So little had happened by 40% in that I wondered if it was going to be a series as I didn’t see how much could be resolved in the remainder. The ending seemed rushed & not well thought out. Even the characters seemed confused. Find it here.

Are you going to take part?


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