In The Night of Memory: NetGalley Book Review

I received this digital ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you University of Minnesota Press for choosing me to review In The Night of Memory by Linda LeGarde Grover.

In the Night of Memory Book review

In The Night of Memory Synopsis

Two lost sisters find family, and themselves, among the voices of an Ojibwe reservation 

When Loretta surrenders her young girls to the county and then disappears, she becomes one more missing Native woman in Indian Country’s long devastating history of loss. But she is also a daughter of the Mozhay Point Reservation in northern Minnesota and the mother of Azure and Rain, ages 3 and 4, and her absence haunts all the lives she has touched—and all the stories they tell in this novel. In the Night of Memory returns to the fictional reservation of Linda LeGarde Grover’s previous award-winning books, introducing readers to a new generation of the Gallette family as Azure and Rain make their way home.

After a string of foster placements, from cold to kind to cruel, the girls find their way back to their extended Mozhay family, and a new set of challenges, and stories, unfolds. Deftly, Grover conjures a chorus of women’s voices (sensible, sensitive Azure’s first among them) to fill in the sorrows and joys, the loves and the losses that have brought the girls and their people to this moment. Though reconciliation is possible, some ruptures simply cannot be repaired; they can only be lived through, or lived with. In the Night of Memory creates a nuanced, moving, often humorous picture of two Ojibwe girls becoming women in light of this lesson learned in the long, sharply etched shadow of Native American history.

In The Night of Memory Book Details

Author: Linda LeGarde Grover

Publication Date: 2nd April 2019

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Genre: General Fiction, Multi-Cultural Interest

First Chapter Impressions

It starts with the two young girls (age 3 & 4) remembering when they got put into foster care. Azure’s last memories of when they last saw their mother. I think it’s going to be interesting & I’m looking forward to reading more.

My Review

I liked this story of Azure & Rainy. I felt so sad for Azure that she felt the burden of responsibility from such a young age, especially because she was the younger sister. I don’t know much about the lost generations of Native American people but I think this is probably one of the lighter versions with a relatively happy ending, though still very unfortunate.

I found the start of the book to be a little confusing as it introduced so many character perspectives and jumped through time. After about 5 chapters it seemed to settle a little and I did find the rest of the book easier to follow. The ending seemed a little rushed and I think maybe it could have been written a little better.

Recommendation & Where to Find It

Overall I gave it 4/5 stars and would recommend if you want a quick, interesting read. It is a fairly quick read once you get past the first couple of chapters.

You can preorder In the Night of Memory here. It will be released on 2nd April 2019.


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