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As a Teacher and Educator, I have worked with children from age 9-months to 11-years-old and I am always on the hunt for new books that I think will inspire a love of reading and help me to discuss tricky concepts such as “Why Am I Different?” or “What Happens When We Die?” I wanted to create a list of Early Childhood Books that I have read and share a review with you so that you can decide whether it might be a good match for your children/students. When I talk about Early Childhood, I usually mean books that are aimed for children between the ages 3-7 years old.

Astro Pea

  • Author: Amalia Hoffman
  • Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
  • Age Aim: 2-5 years
  • Release Date: 28th March 2019

This was a lovely little book to spark the imagination of children and make them think about vegetables as fun. Astro Pea meets little friends such as corn and uses vegetables like aubergines and mushrooms for space transport. The illustrations are quirky and simple and can be used to expand the children’s awareness of more varied vegetables.

I would recommend this book to children aged 2-5 and their adults. I would use it in the classroom to increase an awareness of different vegetable names but also to inspire a bit of fun and creativity. It might also be used with slightly older children as a stimulus to writing their own story.

You can order this book here.

Bea’s Bees

  • Author: Katherine Pryor
  • Illustrator: Ellie Peterson
  • Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
  • Age Aim: 3-7 years
  • Release Date: 28th March 2019

I loved this book. The illustrations are simple and pretty and don’t distract from the story. It can be used as a nice story or be delved into deeper by bringing awareness to the children that we need to protect our open spaces and flowers so that we can keep the wildlife alive. It is the start of simple conservation talk and I think would work really well.

I would use this book in school with children aged 3-9 years old as I feel like they would all take it on different levels and it is very flexible.

You can order this book here.

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