The Mental Health & Wellbeing Workout for Teens Review

I received a digital ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of The Mental Health & Wellbeing Workout for Teens through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Jessica Kingsley Publishing for choosing me.

MH & wellbeing workout for teens

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Workout for Teens Synopsis

This easy-to-understand, engaging guide arms teens with healthy thinking habits and coping strategies for staying on top of their mental health. Using tried and tested therapeutic techniques, readers are given the tools to build their own personalised mental health ‘workout’ to boost their emotional resilience and well-being.

Informed by the experiences of teens themselves, this friendly guide gives practical tips and strategies on how to overcome everyday stresses and ditch negative thinking ‘frenemies’ before they develop into more serious issues. Teens will be better equipped to recognise negative thoughts and emotions, monitor their mood and behaviour, and flex their positive thinking muscles in order to combat the mental health blips we all face sometimes.

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Workout for Teens Book Details

  • Author: Paula Nagel
  • Publication Date: 21st March 2019
  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishing
  • Genre: Mental Health, Non-Fiction, Self-Care, Self Help, Young Adult

My Review

I have been up and down with Anxiety and Depression since 2012. I was 16 and I didn’t really understand what it all meant. I thought it wasn’t possible for me to have it because the only thing happening in my life were exams, nothing too traumatic. My review is based on whether or not I would have found this useful as a teen.

I think that this should be used in secondary schools with all pre-teens and teenagers. It is as much for prevention of anxiety and depression as it is for getting out of it. The language is user friendly and doesn’t underestimate the teenagers. It explains the chemical and hormonal reasons for certain feelings and helps to explain how to pick out helpful and unhelpful thoughts.

There are examples from real teenagers that the author has worked with so it is relevant for today’s teenagers and the struggles that they are facing. I feel like if all teenagers had access to this then they will be more resilient to handle anxiety and depression If it tries to take over their life. They will be in a better position to recognise what they are feeling, try to work through it themselves and then more likely to seek further ACT or CBT therapy and help if they are struggling to do it alone.

Mental Health and wellbeing workout for teens- Paula nagel

Recommendation and Where to Find It

I would recommend that all teenagers have this book, preferably in an environment like school where they can work through real life examples with an adult. Everyone has mental health, not everyone has mental illness. This book can seriously help with not letting the former escalate into the latter. All teenagers are going through something that will challenge their mental health. Their hormones are kicking in and they are changing constantly and are surrounded by others who are also trying to navigate their way through. It can often feel like the end of the world. This book, if used early enough can normalise these feelings and help them to see that they’re not alone.

You can order this book here. The release date is 21st March 2019.


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