My PopSugar Reading Challenge 2019

This year, I have decided to take part in more reading challenges to try and expand my reading horizons. I did quite well in 2018, not just reading 90% young adult fantasy which is basically all I read before but I thought a reading challenge might give me a better structure. I had seen the PopSugar Reading Challenge before, but I’ve never participated so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

I have a few ideas of what I’d like to read but I’d also appreciate any suggestions you have! I will update this list each time I read a book that fits the criteria & hopefully by the end of the year, I will have completed it! I have also signalled which books I have rated 5 stars on Goodreads. Any book recommendations are more than welcome in the comments!

2019 PopSugar Reading Challenge


  • A Book Written by a Musician (Fiction or Non-Fiction)
  • A Book You Think Should Be Turned into a Movie






  • A Book With pop, sugar or challenge in the Title
  • A Book With an Item of Clothing or Accessory on the Cover



  • A Book Published Posthumously
  • A Book You See Someone Reading on TV or in a Movie
  • A Retelling of a Classic
  • A Book With a Question in the Title
  • A Book Set on a College or University Campus
  • A Book About Someone With a Superpower
  • A Book Told From Multiple Character POVs









  • A Book by an Author whose First and Last Names Start With the Same Letter
  • A Ghost Story
  • A Book With a Two Word Title



  • Your Favourite Prompt from a past Pop Sugar Reading Challenge (A Book About Feminism)

Advanced Extras

  • A Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi) Book
  • A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book
  • An “Own Voices” Book
  • Read a Book During the Season it is Set in
  • A LitRPG Book
  • A Book With No Chapters, Unusual Chapter Headings or Unconventionally Numbered Chapters


  • Two Books that Share the Same Title (first book)
  • Two Books that Share the Same Title (second book)
  • A Book that has Inspired a Common Phrase or Idiom
  • A Book Set in an Abbey, Cloister, Monastary, Vicarage or Convent

Popsugar reading challenge 2019


Each month, I will update this list noting the books that I have read so far that fit the criteria! This may involve rearranging books into different categories!

By the end of January, I read 19/50 books that fit these prompts! Let’s hope I can find a few more obscure ones in February! Do you have any recommendations that might fit the prompts I still need?

What is on your To-Read List for 2019?


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