My Blogging Income Report: December 2018

It’s time for me to reflect on December and how I have created an income through blogging. It is my 7th month of sharing my blogging earnings. You can see my progress each month by starting with June 2018’s Income Report. Also, a big thank you to everyone who voted for me to be short-listed in the UK Blog Awards. I will find out this month whether I have been successful.

December income from blogging

Followers & Stats

Twitter: 12,400+

Pinterest: 2,000+ (94,000 monthly unique visitors)

Instagram: 1,500+

Facebook: 290+

Monthly Blog Views: 2,864

November Referrals

I like to share my main sources of referral traffic so that you can compare it to your own. I spend most of my promotional time on Twitter and Pinterest and this reflects in my stats. Almost half of my traffic this month came from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest: 46%

Twitter: 27%

Facebook: 5%

Search Engines: 4%

Instagram: 1%

Other: 17%

Blog Posts

Popular Posts in December

  1. A Letter to 13 Year Old Me
  2. The Eco-Friendly Gift Guide to Start 2019 Well
  3. Monthly Blogging Income Report: November 2018
  4. The Traveller Gift Guide This Christmas
  5. The Year Round Self-Care Gift Guide

Posts Published in December

In December, I did a partial Blogmas which is where I started to post every day of December and you can see a full list of my published posts by visiting my Blogmas schedule as I linked all of my posts there. I didn’t post every day as I’ve been working on something very special that I’ll be talking more about later in the month, so watch this space & follow me on Twitter! I did publish 11 posts.

5 of this month’s published posts were in my most popular posts of the month.

December Income Breakdown

Ads: 25% towards the minimum payout (AdSense)

Affiliates: 1.1% towards the minimum payout (Amazon)

Products: 3 products (100% of monthly income)

This works out to less than 1 day as a Newly Qualified Teacher (my usual income) but I haven’t taken on any additional projects this month so that was to be expected.

December Goals Reflection

  • I wanted to complete Blogmas, sharing a post every single day (31) of December and I managed 11.
  • I wanted to write about conservation projects that I discovered in Cairns which I have been doing and have some scheduled to be published this month.

January Goals

  • To write about Conservation
  • To talk about my goals and aims for this next part of my life.


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