The Year Round Self Care Gift Guide

A self care gift item is the gift that keeps on giving. It is important to take care of yourself all year round, not just at Christmas time. Everyone practices self care differently and it is important to remember that.

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The self care gift guide

Lavender Products

Lavender is known to help the body to relax. It can be best used for those who are struggling with sleeping. A lavender bubble bath before bed can aid falling asleep quicker. A lavender pillow mist or room spray can help your body to relax and keep the bedroom a safe space.

A Mood Journal

A mood journal can help people to keep track of their moods, helping to notice patterns in behaviour, actions & moods. If you know someone who seems to go through a few moods per day and not truly understand what is affecting it, a mood journal can be perfect. It can encourage them to think about what happens just before their mood changes and spot patterns. Perhaps they feel melancholy after spending time with a certain person, or anxious after doing a certain activity. Spotting this can be the first start to changing.

A Yoga Mat

Yoga is great for people of all ages, levels and abilities. Some people do it to enjoy the stretch, others need to practice breathing more deeply. It doesn’t have to be spiritual. By buying your loved one a yoga mat, you are helping them to take the first step into a more positive lifestyle.

Self-Awareness Course

If your loved one is battling a lack of clarity about what the want from life then you could buy them an online course like Inner Pilgrim. It can help them to gain a sense of awareness and help them to focus on what they want from life & how to get it.


Encourage them to take time out of their busy life to just sit and read. Even just 20 minutes of reading can help to lower your blood pressure and regulate breathing. 3 books that can really help to slow down overthinking and putting the world into perspective include Reasons to Stay Alive & Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig and Happy by Fearne Cotton.

Colouring Books

Perhaps a little cliché but it doesn’t mean they don’t work! Adult colouring books are proven to provoke mindfulness.

Gift guide for self care

How are you personally practicing self-care?


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