The Eco Friendly Gift Guide to Start 2019 Well

The more I travel, the more I realise how important it is to be eco friendly and live more sustainably. This eco friendly gift guide is for those who want to be more conscious of waste and not contributing to waste. Christmas can be full of waste, whether it is buying products that will only be used once, the excessive packaging and unrecyclable wrapping paper.

Eco friendly gift guide

Bamboo Toiletries

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it perfect for gifts. Many companies offer a range of bamboo toiletries as they are biodegradable and less damaging to the environment. You can buy bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo reusable straws.

You can order Adult Stocking Fillers (4 Bamboo Toothbrushes) from Blue Rock Living. They also do Children’s Stocking Fillers. They donate money per toothbrush sold to Marine Life Conservation Projects!

Buy Second-Hand

You might not think Christmas is the best time to buy second-hand goods but it is actually the perfect time. Stocking fillers, DVDs, clothes and accessories are often sold leading up to Christmas by people trying to make space. You can get yourself a good bargain and actively be recycling as you buy. Using sites such as eBay, you can find lots of gifts for people, many of which are new or nearly new.

Support Small and Local Businesses

Buy supporting smaller business and individuals, you are helping normal people to put food on the table, pay for their kids to have a hobby and boost the local economy. This contrasts to buying from big companies where you are lining the big bosses’ pockets. If you buy from local businesses you are reducing the carbon emissions for delivery too which is a bonus. Often smaller business have better quality products too because they are not mass producing, they are taking care to produce work of a good standard.

Small businesses that have brilliant products include Matt’s Custom Art, and Pickypants Design.

Buy Less

This may seem counter-productive for a gift guide but the truth is, to be eco friendly, don’t buy unnecessary gifts. Don’t buy gifts that are shrink wrapped in plastic. A lot of plastic is unrecyclable or not recycled well and still ends up in landfill. An eco friendly gift can be knowing that you are not contributing to waste. Perhaps instead, their gift can be your time. Offer to take them out for lunch or to do an activity that you can both enjoy.

Shop Smart

Whether you’re buying an eco friendly gift or not, it is important to try and shop smarter. Try and avoid buying products that have excessive packaging. A lot of children’s toys have excessive plastic inside, a lot of which actually isn’t easily recycled. Buying products with less packaging ensures that less is being thrown away and recycled, therefore produced!

Eco-friendly gift guide

DID YOU KNOW that most wrapping paper is not recyclable so just ends up in landfill? Instead try and use something better like brown paper which can be recycled.

How are you hoping to be more eco friendly in the new year?

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