The Traveller Gift Guide this Christmas

It is almost Christmas and you’re stuck thinking of what to get your travel obsessed friend/relative/loved one. This traveller gift guide is here to give you a few ideas on what they might appreciate this Christmas. If they are a long-term traveller or a short-term holidaymaker, these gifts could be perfect!

Gift guide for travellers

Reusable Water Bottle

Many travellers are conscious of reducing their plastic usage as we see first hand where a lot of it ends up. In our oceans and on our beaches. Reusable items can reduce the likelihood that as much will end up where it’s not supposed to be. Ensuring it is plastic free and can help to plant new trees like the one featured below will mean that it is a win-win and eco-friendly.

Donate to an Organisation

This could be animal related, conservation or a community project. Ask your traveller what they are passionate about and if they would like you to make a donation in their name.


My personal favourite. Buying them a voucher or tickets for a tour or trip for their next destination can be really thoughtful. Perhaps there is something they really want to do but it is really expensive, giving them a voucher or booking it for them will mean more to them than anything. You could even go one-up an ensure that the tour/experience is eco-certified to encourage sustainable travel.

A Travel Gadget

Are they an avid reader? Try a kindle. Do they love photography? Perhaps a new camera, GoPro or a drone.

Travel Books

Books about travel destinations, memoirs or set in their upcoming destinations can all be great gifts. Perhaps you fancied something a little more tongue in cheek and humorous such as the book ‘German Men Sit Down to Pee and Other Insights to German Culture‘ would be well-received by your travelling loved one.

What is something that you’d wish to receive this Christmas?

Traveller gift guide


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