The Book Lover Gift Guide this Christmas

It’s that time of year! Christmas time! Everybody having a think about what they are going to be buying their loved ones. What will they want? Will it be left on a shelf or in a box never to be looked at again or is it going to be used and loved? I personally prefer to give and receive gifts that are the latter as I’m sure most of you do too. This book lover gift guide should help with that certain bookworm in your life.

A gift gift for book lovers

Christmas can be expensive and brutal and seemingly very wasteful if it is not done correctly. That is why I wanted to create a gift guide that could be used to make an informed decision on what gifts people might actually find more heartfelt and usable. This gift guide is to help you buy for the book lover in your life.


This might seem obvious! You can’t really go far wrong unless you buy them one they already own. You can always ask them for recommendations on which specific book, author or genre to buy for them. Finding a list of books in their favourite genre can be a good starting point. Personal favourites of mine are Young Adult Books and I’m likely to be interested in most books here.

Amazon/Other Book Store Giftcard

If you’re really not sure and want them to decide then a giftcard will never go wrong. You can scroll Book Lists or just buy them the giftcard and let your book lover have free reign.


Do they love a franchise? If they do, merchandise can be much appreciated. I am always ecstatic to receive Harry Potter merch! Socks, gloves, scarves, you name it! Cute themed bookmarks are always fun too, especially for the readers who refuse to dog-ear pages!

Limited/Special Editions

Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, I adore the Illustrated books but they are just too expensive for me to justify buying for myself. If I received any as a gift though, I would cherish them beyond belief. Any special editions, reprints, signed copies or limited editions are also a good gift for a book lover.

Cosy Things!

Things we can wear or use for added comfort when we read can be really thoughtful gifts. Mugs, thick socks, pyjamas and blankets would get you a good response from me.


The gift that keeps on giving! As I am travelling, I read more on my Kindle than any other format. You could get them a Kindle Unlimited Membership which gives them access to free Kindle books each month! Alternatively, if they prefer audiobooks to eBooks, you could get them an Audible membership! Audible also have a current offer (lasting until 14/12) where the first 4 months are discounted!

The book lover gift guide

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for the book lover in your life!


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