A Year of Mental Health Monday

This month marks the 12th edition of the Mental Health Monday blog meme. Last December, I messaged my wonderful friend at The Book Moo and talked about how I wanted to write about Mental Health despite my blog being about travel. I knew that it would be difficult because I had never really spoken about it to anyone outside of my immediate circle.

A Year of Mental Health Monday

Why I Started Mental Health Monday

My main concern was that people would think that I was looking for attention or lying, even just not believing me. It has taken a lot to talk openly about what I have been going through without cringing, crying or shutting down. I wanted to be open and stop hiding as I know that the way I heal is through talking through my thoughts and feelings.

It was the idea that if we created a safe space where people could share their personal stories about their trials and struggles with mental health then it would encourage more people to speak out and hopefully feel less alone. I have had people who I have known for years reach out to me and tell me about some of the ways in which they struggle and that me being so open has actually helped them to start talking about their own journey.

What is Mental Health Monday?

Mental Health Monday provides the opportunity to share a post once a month to talk about your journey. In the last year, I have shared posts from 30 different bloggers who struggle with a range of different mental illnesses, not just depression or anxiety. You can read all of their posts on my Mental Health Monday page and every month I share more! All posts are published on your own blog, I just share the links!

Mental Health Monday is on the first Monday of every month. That morning I share a tweet on Twitter and pin it to my profile so that if people want to share one of their posts then I can find them all really easily in the replies. I try to choose around 5 stories per month to add to the page. The page then becomes almost like a directory of posts that people can read and discover new mental health bloggers.

I ask that if I share your post on the Mental Health Monday page to either add a link in so that your followers can find it or to share it on social media though of course it isn’t mandatory. It all just helps more people to discover other mental health bloggers and can encourage more people to share their stories.

I am hopeful that the next year of Mental Health Monday posts will be even more successful than the first and that even more people get involved.

Mental Health Monday posts in 2019 will be:

  • January 7th 2019
  • February 4th 2019
  • March 4th 2019
  • April 1st 2019
  • May 6th 2019
  • June 3rd 2019
  • July 1st 2019
  • August 5th 2019
  • September 2nd 2019
  • October 7th 2019
  • November 4th 2019
  • December 2nd 2019

Are you going to get involved with Mental Health Monday in 2019?


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