What is Blogmas? and My 2018 Schedule.

It is that time of year again! Bloggers around the world are talking about Blogmas. Who’s doing it? Is it to late to decide? Should I be doing it? Is it a secret club? What is going on? And breathe. Before you start feeling overwhelmed, here is a little guide as to what Blogmas actually is and what it entails.

What is blogmas

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a word that comprises of Blogging and Christmas. It is when bloggers decide that they are going to challenge themselves to publish a post on their blog every day on the lead up to Christmas. Kind of like an advent calendar for blog posts. Some people choose to publish a post every day of December, others up until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and others opt for the 12 days of Christmas which runs from December 13th to Christmas Day.

It is not a mandatory blogger thing. Everyone who chooses to take part does so for different reasons. Maybe you want to give your end of year views a boost. The more you post, the more views you are likely to get overall. Some people (like me) enjoy the challenge. Last year was my first Blogmas and I posted every day from 1st to 25th December. It can sap some writing energy if you don’t leave enough time to write though! Others do it for seasonal content reasons, e.g. Christmas gift guides & Christmas themed posts are more likely to perform well during December when the rest of the world is interested in Christmas and not just eager elves!

There are no hard & fast rules. Just try to keep it fun for yourself and use it is an opportunity to discover new bloggers that you can follow into the new year.

What Should I Write About During Blogmas?

There are no rules. You can write about whatever you want! You don’t even have to be celebrating Christmas to complete Blogmas. Many people have a few Christmas related posts in with their usual niches, some people go full scale Santa’s Little Helper. Just have fun with it. Personally, I like to mix it up with a few Christmas related pieces, some travel and mental health (my usual niche) but also reflective posts relating to goals or what I have learned during the year. A kind of summary month for the year gone by and getting myself to think about what I want to happen next.

My Blogmas Schedule

At the moment, I am not very far into the writing process (I do this every time) so the order may be subject to change but for now, this is how my schedule stands.

Blogmas 2018 schedule

This is my schedule so far but it may be subject to change! What are you planning on writing about this Blogmas?

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4 thoughts on “What is Blogmas? and My 2018 Schedule.

    Joy Turingan

    (December 2, 2018 - 3:48 pm)

    What a great idea! I am in! Thanks for sharing!


      (December 3, 2018 - 1:55 am)

      It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work! Good luck!


    (December 4, 2018 - 9:01 am)

    Looking forward to reading all of your Blogmas posts! I tried it last year, but ran out of steam. I love that your content is a mix of seasonal and evergreen topics! I think part of the reason I got burnt out last year was that I ran out of “Christmas Post” Ideas!🎄🎁😘


      (December 4, 2018 - 9:59 am)

      Are you trying this year? I know some people prefer the 12 days of Christmas rather than the full month. I did until Christmas Eve last year but I need the mix of content or I’ll definitely run out of steam. Especially because I’m not having a big build up to Christmas this year so not exploring lots of different Christmas Markets like I could do in the UK! 🙂

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