My Monthly Blogging Income Report: November 2018

This is November 2018’s Monthly Blogging Income Report. In my income reports, I like to share with you my blog statistics, income breakdown, referral traffic sources and my popular posts. You can see my progression by reading my first blogging income report from June. This month, I celebrated a whole year since I started blogging at bexcapades so for those of you who have been here since the beginning, thank you! I was also long-listed for a UK Blog Award for writing about Travelling with Anxiety so please vote for me if you want to show support!

November Blogging Income Report

Followers & Stats

Twitter: 11,900+

Pinterest: 1,900+ (44,000 monthly unique visitors)

Instagram: 1,400+

Facebook: 290+

Monthly Blog Views: 2,251

My December follower goals are 12500 on twitter, 2000 on Pinterest, 1600 on Instagram & 320 on Facebook. I’d also love to get 3000 views as I’m participating in Blogmas where I’ll publish a new post every day in December.

November Referrals

I like to share with you my main referral sources for traffic to give you a better idea on where you might want to put a bigger focus on. Personally, I am very active on Pinterest & Twitter for promoting my blog, I have a presence on Instagram and I do use Facebook though I don’t spend as much time on it as many others.

  • Pinterest: 46%
  • Twitter: 20%
  • Search Engines: 5%
  • Facebook: 4%
  • UK Blog Awards: 1%
  • Instagram: 1%
  • Other: 23%

Blog Posts

Popular Posts in November

1. Monthly Blogging Income Report: October 2018

2. Month 10 Travel Reflection, Australia

3. 8 Day Bali Itinerary

4. 365 Days of Blogging at Bexcapades

5. 88 Days Regional Farm Work, Australia

Posts Published in November

This month, I published 7 posts. I am also aiming to complete Blogmas where I will publish a post every day of December so I was writing many drafts at the same time.

4 of this months posts were in my most popular posts for the month.

November Income Breakdown

  • Social Media Packages: 1 job (100% of November income)
  • Ads: 22% towards the minimum payout (AdSense)
  • Affiliates: 1.1% to the minimum payout (Amazon)

This has been a preparatory month. I haven’t had as many relevant opportunities and didn’t want to accept certain sponsored posts as I know that they were not what I could do my best work with. I want to keep my integrity so I only accept work that suits my website.

Blogging Goals

November Goals Reflection

  • I wanted to upload some of my back-dated Bali content from August but I ended up sharing East Coast Australia posts instead. Got to just post whenever the inspiration strikes.
  • I wanted to contact East Coast Australia Companies to see if they were interested in potential collaborations which I did.
  • To trial Tailwind and implement Pinterest strategies which is this week’s job.

December Goals

  • To complete Blogmas. Where I share a post every single day of December (without managing to burn out).
  • To write about the conservation projects I have been discovering in Cairns.

Did you reach your blogging goals in November? What are your December content goals?

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