Mental Health Monday: Mental Health Blog Ideas

Every month, I invite bloggers and writers to take part in Mental Health Monday. Mental Health Monday is a way to spread awareness about Mental Health and share your stories. I then choose a few to feature on my Mental Health Monday page. This month, I wanted to give people some Mental Health blog ideas.

Mental health blog post ideas

Sometimes it is hard to keep thinking of new ways to talk about your experiences or how to help people. Alternatively, you might have lots of ideas but you’re not sure how to break them down into smaller sub-topics. When I first started writing about mental health, I really struggled to find new ideas online or post title ideas and I realised how valuable a list like that would be in keeping the conversation about mental health going.

Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

  1. Favourite Mental Health Books
  2. Mental Health Book Reviews
  3. The Songs You Listen to When You’re Battling Mental Health
  4. What Your Mental Illness Feels Like
  5. What Your Mental Illness Looks Like
  6. The Symptoms of Your Mental Illness
  7. How You Practice Self-Care
  8. How You Practice Self-Love
  9. Your Personal Story
  10. Your Experience With Therapy/Medication
  11. How to De-Escalate Your Mental Illness & Stop It From Spiralling
  12. How You Accepted Your Mental Illness
  13. How Social Media Impacts Your Mental Health
  14. Mental Health & Travel
  15. How Your Mental Health is Physical
  16. Mental Health as a Child
  17. Mental Health as a Teenager
  18. Mental Health as a Student
  19. Mental Health as a [insert job title]
  20. Post-Graduate Depression
  21. Stress & Mental Health
  22. What do Panic Attacks Mean to You?
  23. Overcoming Mental Health Guilt
  24. Mental Illness & Family
  25. Mental Illness & ‘the Holidays’
  26. How Change Impacts Your Mental Health

I will keep adding to this list periodically to give you more & more ideas but here are 26 ideas to start you off! Happy Writing!

This post was written as part of Mental Health Monday.



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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Mental Health Blog Ideas

    Hannah Smith

    (October 1, 2020 - 7:51 pm)

    Great blog topic list! One thing to add is to share your own stories, not just tips but how applying them helps and your own experiences with mental illness.


      (October 18, 2020 - 10:57 am)

      I always found it tricky to start a post wondering what people wanted to read about so thought I’d help others in the same situation! 🙂

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