Monthly Blogging Income Report: October 2018

This is my monthly blogging income report for October 2018. It is my fifth report & if you want to read from the beginning and see the progression then you can find month 1 here. In this post, I include my follower stats, blog views, referral traffic sources, popular posts & an income breakdown.

October Blogging Income Report

Followers & Stats by 31st October

Twitter: 11,500+ (+700)

Pinterest: 1,800+ (67,000 monthly reach) (+100, +43,000 reach)

Instagram: 1,400+

Facebook: 280+ (+10)

Monthly Blog Views: 2,252

My November follower goals are: 12,000 on Twitter, 2,000 on Pinterest, 1,600 on Instagram, 300 on Facebook & 3,000 Blog Views.

October Referrals

Some people were asking where my main sources of traffic were from so I thought I could separate it for you in this post.

  • Pinterest 40%
  • Twitter 25%
  • Search Engines 6%
  • Facebook 3%
  • Other 26%

Popular Posts in October

  1. Monthly Blogging Income Report: September 2018
  2. GUEST: 8 Sneaky Ways to Overcome Flight & Airport Anxiety (plus FREE Packing List)
  3. Why I Accept That Mental Health is a Part of Me & You Should Too
  4. 8 Day Bali Itinerary
  5. Top 5 Fiction Books for Anxiety

Posts Published in October

This month, I tried posting every single day for Mental Health Awareness Month, whilst also posting travel & blogging related posts too! I managed to post 22 posts, compared to the 7 in September. I didn’t quite manage 31 Mental Health posts but I tried my best!

4 of this month’s posts were in my most popular of the month.

October Income Breakdown

  • Sponsored Posts: 1 job: (68% of monthly income)
  • Ads: 16% towards the minimum payout (this is a really slow income, it takes a lot of views to even earn 1p but I do get a slightly better amount when ads are clicked which doesn’t happen very often, ha)!
  • Affiliates: 1 payout: (SiteGround); 1.1% towards the minimum payout (Amazon). (32% of monthly income)

This has been a good month for my blogging though September is still my best month so far! This month, my blogging income was less than 1 day’s work as a Newly Qualified Teacher (my usual income). I haven’t actively been promoting myself and reaching out to companies as I was focusing on writing more content.

October Goals Reflection

  • I wanted to post a Mental Health Awareness post every day but I only managed 18. This was an ambitious goal though when I only decided 1 week before!
  • I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing on Pinterest and though I have started to learn, I haven’t fully implemented any strategies yet. I did make my first affiliate sale on Facebook for Siteground though which I was very excited about!

November Goals

  • To upload some of my back-dated Bali content from August.
  • To contact Australian East Coast Companies to see if they are interested in potential collaborations.
  • To start implementing affiliate marketing strategies for Pinterest (and trial Tailwind and see if it makes a difference).

Work With Me

If you work in the Travel Industry, please email I am looking to work by:

  • Creating sponsored content
  • Reviewing your travel tour
  • Reviewing travel products
  • Reviewing travel apps/websites
  • Writing a contribution for your website
  • Advertise your brand on my blog/social media

If you work in the Mental Health Industry, please email I am looking to work by:

  • creating sponsored content
  • speaking publicly
  • advertising events or brands that I think are doing great work
  • Reviewing apps relating to anxiety/depression
  • Writing a contribution for your website

If you are a blogger, I offer social media advertising packages for all budgets ranging from £4.50 to £15. Email me at or see my work with me page to find out more.

If you need a proof reader for academic assignments, essays, cover letters or blog posts, you can see my prices on my work with me page or email me at

Did you reach your blogging goals this month?


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