How I Try to Stay Positive in a Difficult World

This month it is Mental Health Awareness Month in Australia. I wanted to publish a post relating to mental health every day of the month so that I can personally raise awareness. You can find all posts, posted & upcoming on my schedule. As this title suggests, my mental health is struggling in the world that we live in. Trying to stay positive when the world seems upside down is very difficult for me.

How to stay positive

I have always been a highly sensitive person, I don’t think that has ever questioned. Always questioning the wrongdoings in the world and wondering why nobody had created a newspaper that only shared good news. I never wanted to watch the news because I knew that it would upset me (this is still the case) and I always cry at films, tv shows and some adverts!

Trying to stay positive when the whole world seems increasingly likely to implode is one of the hardest things to do. My advice is to not read or watch things that are going to constantly upset you. I try and limit watching the news to just the headlines, only delving into more detail if I am in the right headspace. I have an understanding of what is going on in the world but if you just hear it in snippets then it won’t overwhelm you as much as negativity overload.

Politics, suffering, pain & injustice is overwhelming, and at the moment we are at a peak within my lifetime of being reported. Hearing it is important because we need to understand what is going on, but hearing too much all at once can affect your mental health and make you cynical of everything. Finding somewhere to hear news without being bombarded with headlines can help.

I find listening to podcasts is really helpful because each episode is around an hour long but they discuss one topic at a time. This gives me time to process my feelings, hear about things I might not have otherwise heard & get multiple perspectives on the same issue. It feels more educating than the news because I feel like they are trying to inform their audience rather than give a shock factor.

How do you try to stay positive when the world stops feeling like a positive place to be?



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