Monthly Blogging Income Report: September 2018

This is my fourth monthly Blogging Income Report. I have earned money from my blog every single month across the last 4 which I know is a privilege and I am grateful for the opportunity. This has been my best month yet in terms of earnings! I have included my followers/stats for September, my popular posts, income breakdown and where my referrals are from.

September Blogging Income Report

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Followers & Stats by 30th September

Twitter: 10,800+

Pinterest: 1,700+, (24,000+ monthly reach)

Instagram: 1,400+

Facebook: 270+

Monthly Blog Views: 2,224

I have been promoting my posts across Facebook more than usual. I’m often posting once per day. It is also my best month for organic referrals from search engines. I’ve increased my followers across all platforms this month.

My October follower goal is 11,300 for Twitter, 2,000 for Pinterest, 1,600 for Instagram, 300 for Facebook & 3,000 Blog Views.

September Referrals

I’ve been asked to share where my referrals are mostly from so this month I’ve added in this feature & I’ll update the older posts too. I’ll share them in order of highest referral traffic to least.

  • Pinterest: 32%
  • Twitter: 17%
  • Search Engines: 9%
  • Facebook: 3%
  • Other: 39%

Popular Posts in September

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2. 8 Day Bali Itinerary, Indonesia

3. Ten Benefits of Travel on my Mental Health

4. 8 Classes & an Earthquake at the Yoga Barn, Ubud

5. It’s Not Too Late to Think About Christmas Deals, Right?*

Posts Published in September

In September, I published 7 blog posts compared to August’s 4 and this reflects in my blog stats.

4 of my posts from this month weere my most viewed this month.

September Income Breakdown

    Sponsored Posts: 3 jobs. (88% of monthly income)
    Ads: 12% towards the minimum payout. This will roll over to next month
    Social Media Advertising Packages: 1 Job (12% of monthly income)
    Affiliates: 1.1% towards minimum payout (Amazon). This will roll over to next month.

This has been my best month for earnings as I have had multiple opportunities to write sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are also my favourite way to make money as I get to write and create content. This month, I earned between 1 to 2 day’s work as a Newly Qualified Teacher (my typical day job).

September Goals Reflection

  • I wanted to publish at least 8 blog posts which I haven’t managed. I was 1 post less than my goal. I have been preparing to post every day in October though which has taken priority.
  • To earn more than I did in July (my best month so far) was achieved making September 2018 my best earnings yet!
  • I wanted to market my affiliate links better which I started to do on 15th September. I am testing out utilising Pinterest for this first.

October Goals

  • To publish a post every day for Australia’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ve currently planned all Mental Health posts that I am set to write and have began to write and schedule them. I have also lined up a few guest posters who are going to share their experiences.
  • To learn more about affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Work With Me

If you work in the Travel Industry, please email I am looking to work by:

  • Creating sponsored content
  • Reviewing your travel tour
  • Reviewing travel products
  • Reviewing travel apps/websites
  • Writing a contribution for your website
  • Advertise your brand on my blog/social media

If you work in the Mental Health Industry, please email I am looking to work by:

  • creating sponsored content
  • speaking publicly
  • advertising events or brands that I think are doing great work
  • Reviewing apps relating to anxiety/depression
  • Writing a contribution for your website

If you are a blogger, I offer social media advertising packages for all budgets ranging from £4.50 to £15. Email me at or see my work with me page to find out more.

If you need a proof reader for academic assignments, essays, cover letters or blog posts, you can see my prices on my work with me page or email me at



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