Mental Health Awareness Month: Australia – October 2018

This Mental Health Monday is a little different as it also marks the first day of Australia’s Mental Health Awareness Month. The ‘Bexcapades’ Mental Health Monday is on the first Monday of each month. I write a post & also share a selection of others (replied on a pinned tweet each month). To find out more, you can see the full page here.

This month, I am aiming to publish a Mental Health post every single day to raise awareness. I have talked extensively about my own personal struggles with Anxiety & Depression and I truly believe that the more people who talk about their experiences, the more normal it will become. I don’t feel as scared anymore about people knowing about my mental health struggles because I chose to be open about it.

Mental Health Awareness Month posting schedule

If you want to read my Mental Health Awareness Month posts, I will update this post with links as I publish them.

Mental Health Awareness Month Schedule

How are you going to raise awareness this month?


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