Month 8 Travel Reflection, Indonesia & Australia

I can’t believe we are in to Month 8 of our travelling journey. If you are new to following along, you can read all about we have done starting from Month 1 here. This month was half in Bali, Indonesia & half back in the land down under.

Month 8 Travel Reflection Indonesia & Australia

Month 8 Highlights

  • Going back to Ubud, my favourite part of Bali
  • Doing my first bit of solo travel and spending a couple of days on my own in Ubud
  • Doing 8 classes at the Yoga Barn, Ubud across 3 days
  • Our Ubud Airbnb which was absolutely stunning
  • Quad biking off road near Ubud through villages and having beautiful views of the rice paddies
  • Going on the ‘super extreme’ Bali Swing and feeling a lift in my positivity as my weightlessness in the harness made me fly through the air!
  • The Butcher’s Club, Bali Steakhouse. A proper steak in Bali, unbelievable.
  • Discovering that we can start our farm work again earlier than we thought getting an extra couple of days towards our 88 days this month.
  • Finding a lovely, modern house to rent for the remainder of our farm work
  • Our new house comes with a part time dog (the house owner is only here 1 out of 2 weeks so when she’s here we’ve fallen in love with her dog)!
  • Fishing with our friends in Noosa and our French friends coming back meaning we get to be less lonely this month!

Ubud bali rice paddies

Month 8 Lowlights

  • Feeling the tremors of the big earthquakes on the neighbouring island of Lombok, one of which I was alone for and it took everything I had not to let my anxiety turn into a full panic attack
  • Everyone (including me) getting seasick on the chartered fishing trip & actually throwing up off the side of the boat. I’ve never been seasick before but we later discovered that 4 hours earlier, there had been an earthquake underwater so we were sailing over the small tsunami waves. How we didn’t die on this holiday I genuinely have no idea.
  • Having our landlord text us the day before we’re supposed to move back in (and on a day that we have a 6 hour flight from Bali to Brisbane) saying there’s no space for us & having to find somewhere to live the next day within a matter of hours.
  • Work is a bit weird with the dynamic having changed from all of our friends that we knew and had a happy, relaxed relationship with to new people replacing them and trying to find out where we fit again. It’s a work in progress but with not living in the shared house anymore (see point above), it’s harder to form close relationships with the new people because they live together so have more of a bond.

Bali south beach

What I’ve Learned

Solo travel doesn’t have to be lonely. Sometimes it’s nice to have space alone for a couple of days when you haven’t been alone for 7.5 months.

It’s hard to make friends with people who live together if you don’t also live there. I’m not exactly the most confident person so trying to speak to people who are already in strong friendship groups takes a lot of effort.

It is exciting to be so close to finishing our farm work, especially when it feels like it’s taken the whole year to do it what’s with waiting so long before we could start!

Next Month

Next Month, Jack should finish his farm days and I should only have around a week left. To anyone who says you ‘work’ for your second year visa should replace it to you earn your second year visa. We are going to try & be more healthy this month, eating better & doing more activities and exploring at the weekends.

 Bali swing rainforest


Now, Jack has done 69/88 farm days and I have done 61/88. This means we’re really close to finishing! I’m so ready to move on from it now, my right hand is stiff, swollen & pained from spending 8 hours a day holding a knife. It’s going to be good to reach the end!

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6 thoughts on “Month 8 Travel Reflection, Indonesia & Australia

    Sharon B

    (September 17, 2018 - 6:25 pm)

    You’re doing amazing – so proud of you 😘


    (September 18, 2018 - 5:00 am)

    You’re so much braver than me travelling alone is something I don’t think I will ever do, but well done for doing it especially with an earthquake ahhh! So happy you have almost finished your farm days it’ll be so rewarding once done!


      (September 21, 2018 - 11:21 pm)

      I never thought I would ever do it and then I did! The longer I’ve been travelling, the more confidence I have gained. Honestly, finishing the farm work is the most exciting part of the whole year I think!! 😂

    Connected Horizons

    (September 21, 2018 - 3:06 pm)

    It must be challenging travelling that long! But Australia is a big place full of opportunities, we’re sure everything is gonna turn out just perfect! Just be positive! 🙂

    Marta & Max |


      (September 21, 2018 - 11:27 pm)

      It doesn’t even feel like a challenge which is the best part! It just feels right! 🙂

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