4 of the Safest Destinations to Visit With a Disability*

Travelling with a disability isn’t easy – but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself. The key is to find somewhere which takes the needs of disabled travellers into account. With the world constantly evolving, you’ll find lots of places where this applies.

Today, let’s take a look at five exciting destinations where you’ll be able to have the holiday of a lifetime, regardless of your condition. From Australasia to North America, these major cities have become the model for how to accommodate travellers of all abilities.

4 of the safest destinations to visit with a disability

1. San Diego – USA

Home to Comic-con and the Padres, San Diego is often at the forefront of peoples’ minds when it comes beach getaways. Golden sands litter this Californian city, with disabled holidaymakers able to enjoy them thanks to specially designed wheelchairs.

These are able to travel on both sand and (shallow) water with ease, making it possible for everyone to soak in the sun. This forward-thinking approach is the norm throughout the rest of the city. Disabled visitors will find accommodating features wherever they go – from the theatre to shopping centres.

2. Berlin – Germany

Described by some as the hipster Mecca, Berlin is unsurprisingly one of the leading names when it comes to disabled accessibility. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the city quickly caught up, to become one of the most modern in the world.

Lowered sections of pavements make it easy for wheelchair users to get around, while landmarks have all been redesigned to accommodate visitors of all physical abilities. Make sure to try some currywurst while you’re there. It can’t be missed.

3. Sydney – Australia

If you fancy a trip to the land down under, Sydney is your best bet. As Have Wheelchair, Will Travel point out, Bondi Beach is a highlight. Much like San Diego, Sydney is defined by beautiful views, hot climates, golden sands and a modern approach.

As HWWT go on to state in their blog, Sydney excels across the board. The Access and Inclusion Tumbalong Lights give children of all abilities the chance to play interactively. Musical and light-generating toys are set-up throughout a concentrated area. This experience is particularly exciting for kids who are stimulated by sensory activity.

4. Amsterdam – Netherlands

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is a top tourist destination – and for good reason. With an atmosphere unlike any other major city you’ll find across the world, this location is well worth a visit – no matter what your ability.

As Insurancewith point out, there are specific caddy services available, making it easier for wheelchair users to get from A to B. Historic buildings are a feature of Amsterdam – but fear not. Most of these have been retrofitted to ensure everyone can enjoy them.

Have these popular destinations caught your attention? Be sure to check out at least one of them if you’re seeking a holiday which everyone will be able to enjoy this year.

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