Monthly Blogging Income Report: August 2018

This is my third month of monetising my blog and I wanted to keep you updated as to how it is progressing. My income report for August includes my followers/stats as well as popular posts & my income breakdown.

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August blogging monthly income report

Followers & Stats

Twitter: 10,200+

Pinterest: 1,500+ (39k monthly viewers)

Instagram: 1,300+

Facebook: 260+

Monthly Blog Views: 1,655

I had a 3 week holiday this month so I didn’t promote my blog on social media as much as I usually do. I also didn’t post as often as usual. Both of these have contributed to lower monthly views however I had had more referrals from google this month than any other month meaning I’m starting to get higher up on the google search rankings!

This month I changed my Instagram so instead of having a personal & a blog account, I combined them. Now I’m only using @rebeccaburke95.


  • Pinterest – (33%)
  • Twitter – (20%)
  • Search Engines – (5%)
  • Facebook – (4%)
  • Instagram – (1%)
  • Other – (37%)

Popular Posts

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2. My Packing List for a Year Abroad

3. 8 Day Bali Itinerary

4. How Battling Depression Helped Me in Deciding to Travel

5. East Coast Australia Planning

Posts Published

In August, I posted 4 posts compared to last month’s 10!

This month’s posts have been:

    Sponsored Posts: 0 jobs
    Ads: 3.7% towards the minimum payout. This will roll over to next month.
    Social Media Advertising Packages: 1 job – (100% of monthly income)
    Affiliates: 1.1% towards the minimum payout. This will roll over to next month.

I only had 1 job this month so it was lower than previous months. It was less than 1 day’s work as a Newly Qualified Teacher (my usual work). This considered, I do have work lined up for September than could make it my best month yet so hopefully it all goes to plan.

August Goals Reflection

    I wanted to get a sponsored opportunity this month but I didn’t reach out as I was on holiday.
    I wanted to market my affiliate links more effectively but I spent my time writing new posts rather than rejuvenating old posts.

September goals

  • To publish at least 8 blog posts.
  • To earn more than I did in July.
  • To market my affiliate links more effectively.

Work With Me

If you are in the travel industry and want to offer me the opportunity to write sponsored posts or review your product/app/tour/accommodation then please contact me at

If you are in the Mental Health industry and want me to write a sponsored post advertising your charity/attend an event or other opportunities please contact me.

Bloggers: if you are ready to advertise your blog then let me know! My availability is constantly changing so be sure to email me as soon as possible to reserve your slot. See all advertising packages here.

I now offer proof-reading (and editing subject to content) services for blog posts, assignment writing and cover letters. My prices and what it includes can be found at the bottom of my work with me page.

How do you monetise your blog?


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Post Author: bexcapades

I am a 22 year old teacher from the UK who is currently travelling around Australia on a Working Holiday Visa year.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Blogging Income Report: August 2018

    Matt Thomas

    (September 3, 2018 - 1:46 pm)

    Great to see your reach continue to grow (even if it’s not as fast as you’d hoped!)

    Looking at your ‘Work With Me’ page, I wonder if you could reduce your number of packages down to two or three? There are a lot of options and it’s almost overwhelming. I think you’re on the right track, though — laying out exactly what social media services you’ll provide for the price.

    Look forward to seeing next months report!



      (September 7, 2018 - 10:27 am)

      I definitely agree with you. I’ve cut it down to 1 Week package & 2 monthly packages for now, I’ll see how it goes & reassess whether I need to change it up again or not. Thank you for the advice!

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