My Month 7 Travel Reflection, Australia & Indonesia

It is that time again. Writing my monthly travel reflection but this time it is month 7! I’ve been travelling longer than some people expected but I can’t see myself slowing down any time soon. In Month 7 we have stayed in 2 places (Eumundi & Seminyak) across 2 countries, Australia & Indonesia. For the last part of this month we have been in Bali with Jack’s family.

Month 7 Travel Reflection

If you want to catch up with our adventures from the beginning then you can read My Month 1 Travel Reflection.

Month 7 Highlights

  • Spending more time in the library. This might seem like a strange highlight to those who don’t know me but it’s honestly one of my favourite places to be and helps me to re-centre myself.
  • 2 bonfire parties in one night heating us up while the nights have been colder!
  • Being the first backpacker to be taught a new aspect in work. This really boosted my confidence!
  • The burgers in Eumundi Brewery.
  • Watching the sunset and new moon rise at the Glass House Mountains. We could also see Venus, Mars & Jupiter that night so it felt amazing. I adore the night sky!
  • Visiting friends in Brisbane and spending time with them.
  • Hitting the halfway point of my farm days & knowing that I’m that little bit closer to earning my second year visa.
  • Final BBQ with all of our group of friends all together (the BBQ bit, not the fact that it’s our last one together).
  • Noosa National Park walk with our French friends.
  • Boat Trip on Noosa River with some old & new ginger farm friends.
  • Getting to Bali and seeing Jack’s family. We’ve got a villa with a private pool in Seminyak and it’s really beautiful.
  • Doing yoga each morning to try and be more flexible again. My first try after months of doing no stretching was so hard so I was more motivated to get back into it. I just do a 30 minutes session each day watching a YouTube video but it’s a starting point. I need to get rid of some of this shoulder pain from the farm work so this should help.
  • An hour long Traditional Balinese Massage that worked out at about £4.60
  • Snorkelling & seeing my first ever Manta Ray! They are wider than my height, so crazy!
  • Potato Head Bali at sunset!
  • Potato Head beach club BaliPadang bai Bali snorkellingMonth 7 Noosa River bbqGlass House Mountains

Month 7 Lowlights

  • Having to say goodbye to some of our friends at the house share as everyone goes their separate ways travelling.
  • Not knowing when we’re going to see some of our ginger farm family again!

Next Month

In Month 8 we will start off by continuing to explore Bali before heading back to Australia. I’m excited to get back to Ubud & go to the Yoga Barn! Once we’re back in Aus, we’ll then carry on with our farm work and (hopefully) almost complete it!


Now, I have completed 48/88 farm days meaning I only have 40 left! Jack has completed 56/88 farm days so he only has 32 left. We are so close!

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