East Coast Australia Planning

East Coast Australia is vast so trying to plan a road trip without missing things out can be overwhelming. When we arrived in Australia, all we knew was that we were spending the first 2 weeks in Sydney. After that? We didn’t know.

NSW QLD East Coast Australia planning

We were in Sydney for 4 days before staring a starter package 9 days with IntroTravel (read my full post here). At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to plan the next part of our journey. We decided to go up the East Coast first.

We didn’t really want to commit to being in certain places on certain dates. We wanted the freedom to extend our stay in places that we were enjoying. We ended up booking open dated vouchers for various tours and accomodation that had a 12 month validity period.

We also purchased a 6 month hop on hop off bus ticket (Sydney to Cairns) from Premier Bus company which we only ended up using up to Brisbane as we then bought a car so that we could start looking for farm work.

Road Trip Stops

  • Sydney
  • Port Macquarie
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Byron Bay
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Noosa
  • Hervey Bay (& Fraser Island)
  • Rockhampton
  • Mackay
  • Townsville (& Magnetic Island)
  • Cairns

I know a lot of people who chose to do the 14 hour drive from Sydney to Byron Bay all in one go as they didn’t care to see anything that wasn’t famous. When planning, I like to ensure that I leave opportunities to get off the beaten track or see new things.

Our East Coast Plan has been split into 2 so far but will turn into a third adventure later in the year. First, Sydney to Noosa which took us from 13th February to 24th March. Then we stayed in Noosa for 11 weeks working.

We did a 3 week Brisbane to Airlie Beach return trip with my family from 10th June to 28th June before heading back to Noosa to get back to work.

East coast Australia planning

Next time we continue journeying up the East Coast will be once we’ve finished our farm work which will hopefully be around the mid-end of October!

When planning an East Coast trip, it’s important to keep your time frame in mind. Australia is so big, almost as big as the USA so driving can take up a lot of time. Sydney to Cairns involves a 26 hour non-stop drive. 1,498 miles or 2,411 kilometres.

If you only have 3 weeks you might want to rethink just how much driving/time on the road you want to do. If you have 3 months, you can have a better time by taking it slow!

I’ll be writing more in-depth posts about East Coast road trip ideas and how I can afford to travel so much in the foreseeable future so follow me on Twitter& Pinterest to keep updated, or subscribe to my blog!East coast Australia planning || Related: Month 1 Travel Reflection ||


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