Monthly Blogging Income Report: July 2018

Last month, I made money from my blog for the first time so decided that I would share my successes (however small they may be). My income report for July includes my followers/stats and popular posts as well as an income breakdown.

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Followers & Stats

Twitter: 9,800+

Pinterest: 1,200+ (20,000 monthly viewers)

Facebook: 250+

Monthly Blog Views: 2,866

Since last month, my follower counts have increased for Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.


  • Pinterest – (23%)
  • Twitter – (22%)
  • Facebook – (4%)
  • Search Engines – (2%)
  • Other – (49%)

Popular Posts

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Posts Published

In July I managed to publish 9 posts which was great compared to last month’s measly 3! I’ve spent more time writing this month getting back to focus. This is why working on the farm suits me right now, no taking work home with me!

This month’s posts have been:

All of my most viewed posts for the month were published this month!

Income Breakdown

  • Sponsored Posts: 0 jobs
  • Ads: 3% towards to the minimum payout. This will roll over to next month (Adsense).
  • Social Media Advertising Packages: 2 jobs (80% of monthly income).
  • Affiliates: 1.1% towards the minimum payout. This will roll over to next month and is no change from last month (Amazon).
  • Products: 1 product (20% of monthly income)

In total, I have completed 3 jobs in July. It was less than 1 day’s pay as a Newly Qualified Teacher (my usual income). This means my total income (not including the earnings that have to roll over) was 37% less than last month. I’m not too sad about that though as I did have less time to approach brands and PRs.

July Goals Reflection

  • I wanted to build more professional relationships. I am now in contact with more people who are in both the travel and mental health industries.
  • I wanted to have more relevant ads. I haven’t managed to personalise them as much as I wanted to yet.
  • I wanted to earn more money than I did in June. This didn’t happen but at least I still earned something.

August Goals

  • I want to focus more on gaining sponsored post opportunities, especially in the travel industry.
  • I want to be more effective in marketing my affiliate links.

Work With Me

If you are in the travel industry and want to offer me the opportunity to write sponsored posts or review your product/app/tour/accommodation then please contact me at

If you are in the Mental Health industry and want me to write a sponsored post advertising your charity/attend an event or other opportunities please contact me.

Bloggers: if you are ready to advertise your blog then let me know! My availability is constantly changing so be sure to email me as soon as possible to reserve your slot. See all advertising packages here.

How do you effectively monetise your blog?


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I am a 22 year old teacher from the UK who is currently travelling around Australia on a Working Holiday Visa year.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Blogging Income Report: July 2018


    (August 4, 2018 - 11:45 pm)

    You did awesome!
    Looking forward to making money from my blog some day 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your success!


      (August 9, 2018 - 11:06 am)

      Thank you! Everything is progress! ☺️

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