The Ultimate 5 Day Brisbane Itinerary, QLD

Brisbane is a small city in Queensland, Australia which can be very fun. I lived in Brisbane for a brief time and visit often as I live an 1.5 hour drive away. I created this itinerary to give ideas on what there is to do however this is not an exhaustive list. There are so many more things to do and I would be happy to give you more ideas if you wish.

5 day Brisbane Itinerary

It is easy to get around Brisbane as you can get the ferry. There is a pay ferry that you need either a GoCard (pre-paid QLD travel card) or contactless debit card for as well as a free ferry. The pay ferry runs every 10 minutes and the free ferry is every half an hour so you will need to check times if you’re on a tight schedule. Each journey (the 6 main stops) costs $2.60 for adults and $1.30 for concessions/children but may cost more if you are going further (such as to Eat Street as mentioned below).

Brisbane Day 1

Spend the morning walking around the city side and see how the old buildings contrast to the new, modern skyscrapers. On the city side you can visit the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

The afternoon can be enjoyed walking over the bridge or getting the ferry to South Bank Parklands. On South Bank side there is a museum, art gallery, library and theatre. It is also home to the Brisbane sign which almost always has people climbing on (hopefully you’ll get a rare moment where you can take a picture with only you in it)! If you keep walking along the river, you will see a Balinese temple, a rainforest walk and the Japanese stone of friendship. You will also see South Bank Parklands, Streets Beach and the man-made lagoon. Plenty of sights to see on your first day!

At sunset you can do a guided tour on Segways! We used Kangaroo Segway Tour company and had a really fun time. We spent the first part of our tour learning how to move around and turn and stop without falling off before getting onto the streets!

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Brisbane Day 2

Australia Zoo. You can’t be in Brisbane and not do a day trip to Australia Zoo, home of Steve Irwin. The whole day is fun, not just for kids but for adults too. It is the kindest, most humane zoo that I have ever visited and the animals seem to be treated like family! The croc show at 12pm in the crocosseum is unmissable and is very educational. The tiger show at 2pm is also a wonderful watch, not a hint of selfishness or cruelty. It sets the standard really high for animal rights in animal attractions.

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Australia Zoo, home of Steve Irwin, near Brisbane

If you can’t be bothered to cook after the long day at the zoo, Southbank Beer Garden near the man made ‘Streets Beach’ has a great menu and the food is amazing. My personal favourite is the Cheese Burger and Chips. The burger is cooked to perfection.

Brisbane Day 3

Do the Gabba Stadium Tour. The Gabba is home of the Queensland Bulls cricket team and the Brisbane Lions Aussie Football team. It is situated in Kangaroo Point which is walking distance from South Bank but you may want to catch the ferry if you’re coming from the city side. You can get off at either the Maritime Museum or Thornton Street stop. You then have to walk for about 15-20 minutes to the stadium.

Spend the sunset at Kangaroo Point having a BBQ and taking in the beautiful colours and sights. I always find myself very calm after a Kangaroo Point sunset, it really is spectacular. There’s something about seeing the sunset in Kangaroo Point that makes me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I know that this sounds cheesy but it really is beautiful. BBQs can be made easier if you bring tinfoil/aluminium foil so that there is less mess to clean up (also if those who’ve used it before have left a mess).

Brisbane Day 4

A great half day is a trip to the Glass House Mountains, in particular Mt Ngungun. You can go at any point of the day and I hear it is beautiful for sunset but we went in the early afternoon. It is not a difficult hike. There were children doing it (including young children aged 3+). It takes the average person around 20 minutes to get to the top and the walk itself is sheltered. Though we went on a sunny day, the trees kept us in the shade and we didn’t get too hot (you will need water though).

In the evening, go to Eat Street (*note: it is only open on a Friday and Saturday so make sure you adjust your plans accordingly*). Eat Street is an indoor food market with great variety and live music. They offer a variety of food stalls including vegan, dinner, dessert & drinks. It is a bloggers paradise in terms of photo opportunities and decoration. Eat Street Markets can be fairly busy but it is definitely worth it. It costs $3 to enter plus any food you want to buy. Even if you don’t want to buy any food, it’s a great evening.

Brisbane Day 5

Have a relaxing day at South Bank lagoon. After all of the walking and exploring, it’s nice to relax for a few hours. South Bank lagoon and Streets Beach are right next to each other. There is more space to lie down the man made beach but you can sit on the walls and steps at the lagoon too. There are lifeguards on duty through the day and each season has the times listed around the two areas.

Mt Coot-Tha would be a beautiful place to watch the sunset for your final evening. It is something that we haven’t managed to do yet as when we were living in Brisbane we didn’t have a car for the convenience but it something that I would really like to do. It is approximately a 20 minute drive from Brisbane’s city and when you’re at the peak, you have views of the Brisbane skyline in the near distance.

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What do you think is unmissable in Brisbane?


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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate 5 Day Brisbane Itinerary, QLD


    (July 26, 2018 - 8:02 am)

    Hi Rebecca,
    You sounded like you had loads of fun! I like Brisbane. It’s small enough to get around but packed with reasonable amount of stuff to see and enjoy. I went there when I was in my teens. I really should visit again I’d bet it’s a different feel and different activities such as what you’d recommended would help increase the enjoyment. I’ll be sure to visit Steve Irwin’s zoo and hike up the Glass House Mountains! I’m thinking wherever we go we need to include a hike…


      (July 26, 2018 - 8:51 pm)

      Hey Connie, I love Brisbane, it’s my favourite city because it doesn’t always feel like a city! They’re definitely worth visiting the next time you’re back!


    (December 22, 2018 - 12:02 am)

    There seems like so much to do and see in the city for just 5 days! I’ve never been to Australia but if I ever had the chance, I’d definitely put Brisbane on my list. I love to know that the Australia Zoo treats the animals like family and puts high standards for their rights and safety. I always love a trip to the zoo!


      (December 22, 2018 - 1:02 am)

      There definitely is, even considering it is a fairly small city. Australia Zoo is my favourite zoo in the world because it doesn’t feel like an animal attraction but a learning experience! 🙂

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