How to Self Host your Blog with Siteground

In May 2018, I made the move from to using on Siteground. Siteground is a website that you can self host your blog/website on so that you have complete control over monetisation, themes and content.

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Move from WordPress to self host with siteground

Self Hosting Timeline

I wanted to give you a walk through of the timeline in which Siteground transferred my content over to their site while I hardly had to do a thing.

What I Had to Do

6:10am – I paid for 1 year of Siteground’s hosting on the GrowBig package (the middle package). This cost 47.70 plus VAT which worked out at 3.95 per month. This is cheaper than what I was paying for the WordPress Personal Plan which had a lot less flexibility and I couldn’t even add ads. Here’s me wishing that I’d gone with Siteground from the start.

6:12am – I requested a transfer of domain and everything from my old site on WordPress (posts and comments).

6:18am – I was made aware that I couldn’t transfer my theme (it was a free WordPress one) so to choose another which I did.

6:45am – All of files (my posts, drafts & media) had completed the transfer from my old site to my new site through Siteground.

6:58am – I clicked to install WordPress on my Siteground site.

What I Waited For

7:55am – my whole site is transferred over to Siteground. They were talking through the process with me the whole time letting me know when certain things were updated and what they were going to do next. The gave me a code that I needed to add to a hosts file on a desktop computer. I am not a coder but they explained it in an easy to understand way and it was added without an issue.

8am – I asked (my old site) to release my domain and they emailed me a code to authorise that it was me making the change. I added the code into my account domain on Siteground. While your domain is transferring (can take up to 14 days, mine personally took 3), you should still have access to your and (Siteground) logins. Don’t delete your old site until it has fully transferred. You won’t lose everything as your content is uploaded onto your new site but your website might go down until the transfer is complete. This means no one will be able to view your site until the transfer is complete. If you keep access to both until it is complete then you shouldn’t have any down-time at all.

Siteground’s Plans

Siteground offers 3 plans. The StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek Packages. Deciding which package to choose is personal and depending on what you want to get out of it, a different package may be better suited to you than another. The StartUp Package costs 2.75 per month (33 per year) and can accommodate those who get up to 10,000 views per month. The GrowBig Package costs 3.95 per month (47.70 per year) and can accommodate those who get up to 25,000 views per month and allows you to have multiple websites. The GoGeek Package is the most expensive at 7.95 per month (95.40 per year) and can accommodate 100,000 monthly views, unlimited websites and additional premium features. To view & compare all features, click here.

I chose the GrowBig plan so that I had the option to create another website under the same hosting plan as I am now a freelance writer. I haven’t yet set it up but I know most bloggers tend to go for the StartUp package.

Are you ready to switch to self hosting through Siteground?


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2 thoughts on “How to Self Host your Blog with Siteground

    Rachael Stray

    (July 24, 2018 - 9:03 pm)

    I am thinking of going self hosted. This post was really helpful.


      (July 24, 2018 - 9:23 pm)

      Thank you! It’s definitely made me wish I’d done it earlier!

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