My Month 6 Travel Reflection, Australia

Another month of travel has flown by once more and in this one I had my 23rd Birthday, eek! We’ve been travelling for 6 months and this month we have stayed in 8 places (Eumundi, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Agnes Water, Rockhampton, Mackay, Whitsundays Islands & Noosa) across Australia. This travel reflection is a little different to others as this time it wasn’t just me & Jack travelling but my parents & brother came along too!

Month 6 Travel Reflection

If you’re behind on our adventures, you can go back to Month 1’s Reflection & catch up.

Month 5 Highlights

  • Visiting the Whitsundays Islands on my 23rd Birthday on the Adventurer catamaran with Explore Whitsundays. Whitehaven beach has the most beautiful landscape.
  • Paddle boarding & kayaking on the Great Barrier Reef – this was such a surreal experience.
  • Staying in a lovely Airbnb in Noosa (even though the weather was rainy – typical)
  • Trying Betty’s Burger for the first time – I know, it only took 5 months!!
  • One of our farm colleagues cooked an Italian dinner for all of us (literally 30 people) and having a great night altogether. There were 15 eggplants, 2.5kg of chopped tomatoes and 4kg of mince beef amongst other ingredients – so much food!
  • Cooking a traditional English brekkie for Jack’s Birthday for 16 of us in the house!
  • Working with my boss and finding out that she’s happy with my work
  • Watching a Sunday morning sunrise in Noosa National Park
  • Whitsundays in Month 6
  • Month 5 Lowlights

    What I’ve Learned

    I have learned that I can literally do anything if I practice enough. Discovering that my boss is happy with my work (washing, cutting & harvesting ginger) when it’s something I never thought I would do proves that. I’m literally getting good at a job that I never knew existed a few months ago. 6 months in and feeling confident!

    Next Month

    Next month we will continue working on the farm and we’ll be meeting up with Jack’s family in Bali! Every month I feel more confident and happier within myself so hopefully this will continue.

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    We’ve done a mega road trip, both had birthdays, celebrated 3 years together and worked. So far Jack has completed 40/88 days of his regional work and I have done 32/88! Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

    You can find more picture on my Instagram @mybexcapades.

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    2 thoughts on “My Month 6 Travel Reflection, Australia


      (July 20, 2018 - 3:31 pm)

      You’re living my dream haha. Sounds amazing though, and happy belated birthday x


        (July 21, 2018 - 12:19 am)

        It’s my dream too! It’s not all perfect but it’s a better version of life that I was allowing myself before! Thank you so much! x


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