Month 4 Travel Reflection

I am currently in Eumundi (Noosa) in Australia. This month, we have stayed in the one town across 1 country (Australia).

Backpacking Australia travel Reflection

Month 4 Highlights

  • Getting nominated for the ‘Top 10 Travel Blogs 2018’
  • Climbed Mt Ngungun and got to see a 360 degree view of the Glass House Mountains.
  • Doing a bouncy castle assault course at Bli Bli Aqua Park with our housemates
  • Joining the library (nerds are going to be nerds in whichever country they live)!
  • Visiting our fabulous friends in Brisbane
  • Finally both getting to start our farm work!

Mt Ngungun, Glass House Mountains lookout Brisbane sign, south bank

Month 4 Low Lights

  • The torture of not working when Jack was
  • My first panic attack in 2 years caused by a dog who keeps visiting us and is actually really friendly & playful
  • Embarrassing myself on day 1 of working by being sent home sick and not knowing whether I’d be back (luckily I was)

What I’ve Learned
I have learned that I can’t always control the situations I’m in. I can’t always leave toxic situations but instead have to find a way to reduce my time with a toxic person instead. I have also learned how to sort ginger, wash it & how to trim it, yep I’m a farmer now!
Next Month
We will carry on with our farm work and then my family are coming to visit & we’ll be heading up the East Coast for a road trip!
Overall, it’s been a high & low month but the worst part of being a backpacker in Australia is finding & waiting for farm work but that’s over for us as we’ve both started so it should be onwards & upwards from here.
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