Australia Zoo, QLD

Crikey, what a day this was! Everyone in my generation and earlier knows that one of the most famous Australiansto ever exist is Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter!

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

My childhood was full of TV shows that he started in that give lots of information about animals (such as crocs) and how to protect them. The Australia Zoo is just like that. Situated on Steve Irwin way, his wife & children continue his legacy as conservationists.

Australia Zoo

It is not a normal Zoo. The animals aren’t kept in small cages separated by species. The kangaroos & koalas are in a field tame enough to stroke and hold. The shows aren’t cruel shows at all but interactions with the keepers while another person does a voiceover letting the audience know some important facts and conservation efforts.

Australia Zoo lemursAustralia Zoo tortoise Australia Zoo fierce snakeAustralia Zoo Harriet the tortoise Australia Zoo koala

Australia Zoo wombatAustralia Zoo Kangaroo ExtinctionAustralia Zoo koala

It is the best day out you could possibly hope for. Make sure you don’t miss the crocoseum show or the tiger show!


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