Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk, NSW

Byron Bay is loved by many, hated by a few, some people can take it or leave it. Some visit for the beach, others the party, others the natural beauty.
Byron Bay Lighthouse Blog
The Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk is one of the things that makes Byron Bay what it is. The walk in itself is about 2-2.5km (one way), uphill and up stairs so make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. You will also need to be moderately fit as it is quite difficult in parts, especially in the heat.
The best time to do the walk is for sunrise or sunset, this way, at least one of your walks (either up or down) is not in the heat. Our walk was for sunset, the sun was low and it was warm, not hot.
Byron bay sunsetByron bay beachByron bay beach
The path leads you across bridges with beautiful views of the beach & across the sea and the lighthouse looks really far away!
Byron Bay Lighthouse
As the sun is setting, it is so beautiful. Yours are in and out of the trees, getting closer and closer to the lighthouse. The waves are so calm and other than the fact that the walk is very difficult, it is so peaceful.
Byron bay beach sunset
It gets really tough uphill & up the stairs on the approach to the most Easternly part of mainland Australia. My heart was exploding out of my neck so we stayed there for a little while. The sky was full of pastels colours & we even saw a rainbow. I couldn’t resist singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in my head when I saw it.
Byron Bay Somewhere over the rainbowMost easternly part of mainland Australia, Byron Bay
We carried on walking and within no time we were at the lighthouse and the views were just phenomenal.
Byron Bay Lighthouse Byron bay sunsetByron bay sunset
This lighthouse walk was my favourite part of Byron Bay, the best thing to do. What was your favourite thing about Byron Bay?
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Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk

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5 thoughts on “Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk, NSW

    Sharon Burke

    (March 22, 2018 - 2:39 pm)

    Thank you for taking us up there with you on FaceTime it was beautiful x


      (March 22, 2018 - 11:23 pm)

      The time difference will always be a weird one, showing you the sunset when you’ve just woken up! X


    (March 26, 2018 - 1:22 am)

    I liked going to the Art Factory and watching movies in their cinema… and going for a drink at the Railroad pub. I was there about 18 years ago so I don’t know if any of that stuff is still there!!!


      (March 26, 2018 - 1:34 am)

      Yeah, arts factory still has a cinema but not sure about the railroad pub, I didn’t go out drinking while we were there! 🙂

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