Month 2 Travel Reflection

It seems like only a few days ago that I was writing Month 1 Travel Reflection and here I am writing about Month 2! We are currently in Brisbane in Kangaroo Point and we spend a lot of our days in Southbank.
Gap year travel Australia Reflection
In Month 2, we have visited 4 places across 1 country (Australia) and they are Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise & Brisbane.
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Month 2 Highlights:

  • Byron Bay Lighthouse walk at sunset
  • Discovering Southbank, my new favourite place to relax
  • Australia Zoo!
  • Finding a hostel that we actually really like and have been able to settle in without moving rooms all the time
  • Rare fully sunny days in the rainy season spent by the pool or man made beach in Southbank
  • Sunsets at Kangaroo Point

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Southbank Brisbane beach

Australia Zoo Kangaroo selfie
Month 2 Lowlights:

  • Sunstroke
  • It raining almost everyday we were in Byron apart from about 8 hours.
  • Our roommates in Surfers Paradise!

What I’ve Learned:

  • Time flies but waiting to hear back from jobs over the weekend will make the weekend feel longer!
  • Forgetting suncream for an hour in Australian sun causes sunstroke, even if it’s only 27 degrees!
  • Slowing down the travel & extending in a place that you enjoy really makes a difference and helps you to appreciate it more.
  • There are a lot of farms in Australia!

Southbank Brisbane lagoonBrisbane sign
Next Month:
We were originally going to try & find an apartment/job in Brisbane but we’ve decided to get a head start on our farm work so by next month, hopefully we will start ticking off some of the 88 days regional work to make us eligible for the second year visa.
I love Australia and though the thought of being a farmer freaks me out, I know that it’ll be worth it to be able to stay here for a little while longer. This month has gone really fast so I’m sure before I know it, I’ll be writing the post for Month 3!
Byron bay sunset
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  1. purple0 says:

    Great read
    Strange creatures to share hostel with
    I thought it was a small alligator
    I want to see straw in your mouth like a real farmer lol

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