Christmas Eve in Xel-Ha, Mexico

In 2010 my family & I went to Mexico for Christmas and we spent Christmas Eve in Xel-Ha, a water park and nature reserve. It was honestly one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Xel-Ha literally translates from Mayan into “where the water is born“. It is in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.


We went snorkelling and saw beautiful fish, floating down the river. The water was so clear and clean. We swam through a beautiful cave.


There was a cliff diving opportunity, the ‘cliff of courage’ which was 5metres high but I chickened out & panicked – but I’ll definitely do it next time I have the opportunity! We got to see turtles & have a relax between swimming.


Xel-Ha was the place where I got to swim with dolphins & that was an amazing opportunity that I’ll never forget. I swam with dolphins on Christmas Eve! This was an additional cost to general admission.

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On our way home an interesting thing happened. We had to pre-pay the taxi at the desk in Xel-Ha.

Our hotel was through a variety of checkpoints for safety purposes. At each checkpoint, the guards would check that the driver was cleared to enter. The first few checkpoints were fine but once we got closer the driver wasn’t cleared to enter so we had to get out & we didn’t know where we were! We were tired & grumpy and walked for what seemed like a very long time before finding a taxi driver who was cleared to go to our hotel! So if you do visit, you might want to be careful if they ask you to pre-pay!

In Mexico, Christmas Eve is the day they tend to spend with family, more like their Christmas Day. This meant that once we got back to the hotel, it was quieter as most of the staff were with their families but it was a nice relax before Christmas Day!


Have you ever spent Christmas abroad?


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