Reflecting on 2017

12 things I have learned or done in 2017.

1. It’s okay to be 22 and not really know what you’ll be doing at 25.
2. I’m actually really good at saving money when I motivate myself. I’ve saved over £5,000 this year for Australia!
3. I’ve worked as a Primary Teacher through a supply agency for the whole year!
4. This one actually shocked me but I’ve always assumed that people who weren’t my friends either didn’t like me or had no opinion of me but this year I’ve learned that I can actually be liked. This might sound obvious to most people but when you have low self-esteem, this realisation is golden.
5. Thai people are some of the friendliest people you will ever be lucky enough to know.
6. More people are fighting hidden battles than anyone would truly think.
7. I’m stronger than I think. I think I’m a bit of a tough cookie!
8. I started this blog. Something I’ve been dying to do for years but never had the confidence to do until November 2017.
9. Long-haul flights are not good for my back. I should do slightly shorter journeys and stop along the way. I think 7 hours is my maximum before I hit my pain tolerance.
10. Not every holiday needs to be planned in every detail. Giving yourself wiggle room is ideal for adding in new plans.
11. I completed my first ever Blogmas, posting a blog post every single day from 1st-24th December.
12. My friends are the best. They have my back and support me with everything & I am genuinely lucky to have them in my life, even if I don’t see them every week.
What you have learned/achieved this year?

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