Dubrovnik, Croatia

While on a cruise in 2015, I visited Dubrovnik and the view as we sailed in was just beautiful.

Dubrovnik Croatia Dubrovnik Croatia

The first thing we did after disembarking was walk to the old city, Grad.

Old town Dubrovnik Croatia

The hills were really steep and it was really humid and hot (it was August).

When we got into the town, we realised that it was where Game of Thrones was filmed and there were many tours advertised.

Game of thrones Dubrovnik Croatia

There is a steep history in the city, part of which you can see from the ancient city walls which despite being a UNESCO Heritage site, was bombed by the Yugoslavian army in 1991.

Dubrovnik Croatia castle

We were only there for the day which is a negative of cruising so there was a lot more I would like to see & do there! It is definitely somewhere that I will visit again.

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Have you visited here before? What would you recommend seeing/doing?


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