Krakow Christmas Markets

In November 2015, I went to Krakow & got to experience the Christmas Markets there. As Christmas markets go, the ones in Krakow are fairly small, but they are still beautiful & have wonderful hand-crafted things to buy.
Krakow Christmas Markets
We were staying in the Old Town and there was a small set of markets there. During the evening, we could see the pretty tree of lights and on our first full day, we saw the staff start to build the markets.
Krakow Christmas   Krakow Old town
We also visited the Christmas Markets in the Main Square. This was a lot larger than the old town section. Here, we encountered hand-crafted wooden toys, stained-glass artwork & knitted clothes. I only wish I had taken more pictures!
My boyfriend bought me a little hand-crafted music box that plays Tale As Old As Time from Beauty & the Beast ❤.
Krakow main square marketsKrakow Christmas Markets main square
My first proper experience of a Christmas market and I felt like a child (in the most magical way) the whole time that we were walking around.
Krakow Christmas Markets
I loved to watch the performers, stroll slowly around the town taking in every sight & smell, buying burgers and other foods cooked freshly right in front of you, for me it was like something out of a dream.
During the evening, it was even more magical. Suddenly, you could see all of the lights, the music was playing, the horses & carriages were something from a fairytale.
Krakow Christmas Markets Krakow Horse & carriage Christmas Markets
The Christmas Markets in Krakow are not as big as those in other European cities but the charm & character mixed with the friendly stall-owners and truly beautiful hand-crafted gifts, I would recommend them to anyone.
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Krakow Christmas Markets
Where is your favourite Christmas market?

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