Shopping for a Year Abroad

This weekend, me & my mum went to Cheshire Oaks to start shopping for my year in Australia. It seems as though for Christmas this year, all my presents will be for travelling (not that I mind as it is one less load to save for!) and I had to make a list of what I needed before we went.

Gap year shopping

But what to pack?! I needed to write a packing list. The longest I have been away from home for is 17 days when we went to Thailand this year & I have the tendency to over-pack to give me more options once I’m there.

I am by no stretch of the imagination considered fashion-conscious though so I figured clothes-wise I’ll be fine, but what size backpack should I go for? What essentials do I need? What type of thing am I likely to forget that will be useful?

I am not the most organised person in the world in my general life but I know that to not get completely overwhelmed by the concept of packing for a YEAR and resigning myself to one proper bag & a smaller one, I needed to become more savvy.

Cheshire Oaks was so busy as it is the lead up to Christmas now but we started in the mountaineering shop.

Cheshire oaks Christmas tree

There, we bought a sleeping bag liner, microfibre towel, folding toothbrushes (I know, who even knew they existed!), waterproof pouch for beach days & some clips as pictured below.

Gap year essentials

I also already have a travel backpack, eye mask,ear plugs & flight socks!

Gap year essentials

It’s so much more convenient to shop online though so on Monday, that was my task. To work through the rest of the list & order it.

So, on amazon, I found a 90 Piece First Aid Kit that is small enough to be handy, a Worldwide Plug Adaptor that fits together to save space, a Solar USB Charger(which I can charge when I’m out & about instead of fighting over a plug socket in a hostel), a Clip on Torch, a camera similar to a GoPro without the price tag (ieGeek 1080p 2.0 WiFi camera) and some knee supports which might sound random for a 22 year old but I will need them on days we do a lot of walking which when abroad is pretty much every day! I was also after a Black Baseball Cap that will hold it’s shape & didn’t have strange patterns or designs on.

Gap year essentials

Of course, I couldn’t go travelling without a steady stream of books available to me. On a standard 2 week holiday I tend to take around 20 books with me (and read all/most) but I knew that that would be impractical so I had to buy an Amazon Kindle! I chose the Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon kindle paperwhite

I’m so fussy when it comes to smaller backpacks to use as hand luggage & a day bag so if you have any tips on where to find them please comment! UPDATE: I found one, it is the Lowe Alpine Adventurer 20 Backpack and it has separate compartments & i adore it! It is lightweight & sturdy.

Hand luggage Hand luggageHand luggage

So slowly but surely, I am getting there! I’ll keep you updated!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link and buy the item from Amazon then I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I have used personally.

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