Month 3 Travel Reflection

On our 3 month travelversary, we are in Eumundi (Noosa) in Queensland, about 2 hours north of Brisbane.
Travel Australia Reflection
In month 3, we have visited 2 places across 1 country (Australia), Brisbane & Eumundi/Noosa).
Month 3 Highlights

  • Buying a car, our first ever joint purchase!
  • Getting accepted onto the Ginger Farm in Eumundi.
  • Relaxing days at Noosa Beach and more active days at the National Park.
  • Kangaroos in our back garden.
  • Glass House Mountains Viewpoint
  • Watching the Athletics at the Commonwealth Games!

Noosa Beach travel couple

Noosa National Park, QLD
Month 3 Lowlights

  • Worrying about whether the farms are actually eligible for our second year visa.
  • How stressful the 19/3 was.
  • Bugs – I’m not scared of them, if they’re outside I’ve learned how to ignore them, but when they’re inside I hate them! Unfortunately when you’re living in an area surrounded by trees and land, they’re everywhere.
  • Waiting for Farm work to start & having to rely on dry weather during the wet season.
  • Getting a million cold sores across my lips & chin.

What I’ve learned
To always research a farm/fruit picking job before applying. It honestly saves time in the long run even though applying is already time-consuming.
Having a car when looking for work makes getting work 100x easier, it’s a big commitment but we worked out that it would take us 50 hours working each to pay off the car (with the farm job we got) so we thought it was well worth it.
You need to wear bug spray in the day as well as the night when you’re in a beach town and in more wooded areas.
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Eumundi-Noosa sunset, QLD
Next month
Across the next month, we will start work on the Ginger Farm & start ticking days off for our second year visa.
This month has had more lows than any other month, but we are finally getting back on track and ready to work.
Overall, finding and waiting for farm work is rubbish BUT it will be worth it once we’ve done our days & are eligible for our second year visa. Also, when you’re feeling like you’re feeling a little in a rut, you need to plan to do something that will make you happy. I was fed up of waiting for the farm work so we booked to stay the night in our favourite Brisbane hostel and go to the Commonwealth Games while it was so nearby. I needed that boost to spur me on for further waiting.
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17 thoughts on “Month 3 Travel Reflection

  1. thenorthleftblog says:

    So sorry you’ve had a few low moments this month! But glad you’re starting to come through the other side now.
    How exciting buying a car as well! Definitely would make it easier to get about, especially if you’re doing rural work. Awesome 🙂

    • bexcapades says:

      I know, I wanted to be as honest as possible too. Long-term travel isn’t just high after high, there are lows too but a fairly low month doesn’t have to turn into a low overall experience, it’s just part of the journey! Thank you! ☺️

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